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Real Estate Examiner Valuation Service


Owning Residential Property

Home Valuation is an important part of asset management. Understanding where value comes from is paramount to understanding when to buy, sell, and even refinance your home. Also understand how to best invest in your property to get full value later.

Selling your home

Although we aren’t a real estate selling and buying service, we have partners that we work with to best serve you. When you are selling your home you will already know how your property performs in the market place and best understand when to sell with bi-annual valuation updates.

Attention to detail

This service is concentrated on small and large clients. But our approach is to take your home just as seriously as the next. Regardless of how many homes we service, each and everyone gets the same special attention to detail.

Not an AVM or Estimation Service

This service is powered by Trombly Appraisal LLC , a Certified Residential Appraisal office using credible techniques and critical thought. This is not provided with an automated valuation model or estimated software.

Bi-Annual and On-Demand Desktop Valuations

We can't help but tell you the importance of home valuations. It is critical to continue understanding how values change in your market so that you can plan to make decisions that benefit your portfolio, versus reacting to what is already happening in the market to save your portfolio.

Lender Approved On-Site Valuations

Valuations are powered by Trombly Appraisal LLC and is an approved appraisal office for many big and small lenders, regardless of the form required, we've got you covered.

Less than the cost of a traditional appraisal

The Desktop appraisal service is provided at a lower cost than most traditional appraisals. We know that understanding where your value comes from is important, so we will keep the cost down as much as possible to make this happen.

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Too often a homeowner is caught unaware of what is happening and found underwater or unable to sell their home. Get ahead of the trends and maximize your biggest investment.



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