Many Model Approach

by Jan 9, 2023

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Click here if you want a 20 plus page document outlining the Many Model Approach for analysis of real estate data.

        Hello and thank you for joining me today. I have released a special document that I have produced over years of research and experience. Today you will be able to gain access to the Many Model Approach for real estate professionals. In this document I go into detail on how linear regressions, scatter plots, and the Many Model Approach will help you in your analysis needs. Whether you are an appraiser , broker or agent, this can and will be helpful to you.
        In this document I show you how to develop your own analytical models and use them based on your intended use. There are 4 different uses I have identified in this document, choosing comparable sales, identifying market trends, creating adjustments for comparable sales grid, and finally identifying neighborhoods.
If you are looking to identify comparable sales for your investment property, your client you are listing your property for, your client you are helping purchase a property, or an appraiser that is appraising any type of property, this is for you!



Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Characteristics of Models:
3. Wisdom Hierarchy
4. Descriptive vs. Inferential Analytics
5. Refining your Data and Identifying Trends
6. Intended Uses of Data and Modeling:
7. Linear Models
8. Multivariable Models
9. Weighting Models
10. Many Models
11. Conclusion

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Written by REX

The author is a real estate professional in the city of Houston, Tx with background studies in Economics and Law. The author's intention is to develop education and reporting of information for the public and real property professionals in a trustful manner with open channels of communication. This can be done by critiquing current standards in the mortgage and finance industries, education, and the news.

January 9, 2023