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In addition REX provides a number of resources and services to help create competitive advantage for real estate professionals, investors, and home owners. These services and downloadable resources are available to those that want to better perform in the market place. In addition this is for responsible owners that want to understand value, where it comes from, and how and when to capture equity in their assets.







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Appraisal Bias

I am looking to elevate the conversation regarding appraisal bias, developing additional tools for appraisers, and clarifying appraisal results with all stakeholders involved in the mortgage process. If we work together we can find much better solutions than from the Top-Down approaches being discussed. The time to better protect all Americans from inaccurate valuations is now. If you would like to help contribute, be interviewed, or just talk, I’ll be reading the comments.

R Studio Introduction

Hey thanks for joining the growth in our industry. Looking forward to making more videos so we can all work together and grow the real estate and mortgage industries. If you are already familiar with GitHub and R Markdown here is the free access link to my R Markdown files.

Appraisal Intro Series

Intro to Appraisal Videos Series. Understanding appraisal and valuations, and the need for this understanding.